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Dog lovers know that it takes commitment and dedication to make their dogs happy. Dressy Puppy was created specifically for this purpose: to make your best friend happy by making the selection of products your pet will need in an easy and fun way. Here at Dressy Puppy we will review a wide selection of dog products in brands that you are already familiar with and love, plus many more new brands to discover. We will make available reviews  on the  best in dog apparel & accessories, toys, chew toys, costumes, training & behavior aids, brushes, kennels & crates and  more.


  • Puppy’s first time car riding - News Article
    First Car Ride for Puppy

    A puppy’s first time experience in riding a car will influence his/her reactions to a car ride in the future. Luckily, there are steps that dog owners can do to avoid or lessen a puppy’s fear and stress. Here are some steps a pet owner can do to make a car ride for the first time less stressful...

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  • 3 Top Bark Control Collars - Product Review
    3 Top Bark Control Collars

    The incessant barking and disobedient behaviour of a dog are an embarrassment to its owner. Some observers equate the ability of a guy to control his pooch with his ability to control other aspects of his life. Without incurring the cost and inconvenience of an obedience school, a dog can be effecti...

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  • why Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend - News  Article
    Bonding Hormones are Responsible why Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend

    According to research, when dog owners and their pets look at each other’s eyes, a hormone called oxytocin flow through them. This hormone is the source of maternal caring. This hormone surge that is responsible for human bonding could be the explanation why dogs and humans have been the best of f...

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  • Is your Dog the Jealous Type - News Article
    Is your Dog the Jealous Type?

    Is your Dog the Jealous Type? Can dogs also experience human-like emotions like jealousy? A debate on this issue is not new. There are those who argue that animals like dogs are instinct-driven, but some are not in agreement. They allude to the fact that all mammals have the same neural apparatus...

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  • domesticated
    How and when did dogs become domesticated?

    How and when dogs become man’s best friend has been studied extensively in recent years. In 1997 a study using mitochondrial DNA tested 162 wolves and 67 dog breeds from four continents suggest that as far back as 100,000 years ago, dogs have genetically diverged from wolves. Although no one reall...

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